About This Site and a Few Things to Note

Hello Friends!

I’ve tried blogging three or four times. Once was a weight loss blog that was pretty great, “Get Fit Tommy.” It was good writing and fun, but I never did get fit. Or, rather, I did then time happened and I was no longer fit. The second blog was “Geriatric Jazz” which is still up; it reads like the diary of an immature me. Because it was.

I’ve recently decided that I should start blogging again. I’m hoping it’ll be a place where I can share my thoughts about worship, music, books, my family, church, etc. It will be informal because well… I’m an informal kind of guy.

It will also read like the diary of an immature me.

Chances are we’re acquainted. But if not here’s a few things to note:

– I’m Alyssa’s husband and Atticus’ dad. You can see them in this picture my good friend Dave took.

– We live in North County San Diego where I’m a worship pastor at New Song Community Church.

– I will often write about my family and my church. Any views or opinions I share are all my own and do not represent Alyssa, Atticus, or the church; although I do hope to represent them well.

11.14 - Atticus Contemplating The Sea

About This Site and a Few Things to Note