Worship Review 10.4.15 – Thank You!

So! Wow! What a day yesterday was! But I’ll get to that.

We sang the following songs yesterday:

  • Glory is Yours by Elevation Worship
  • Dear Refuge by Trinity Grace Church
  • Cornerstone by Hillsong
  • Thank You God for Saving Me by Chris Tomlin & Phil Wickham
  • Last Word by Elevation Worship

Attached is a playlist from Spotify, but do me a favor, go and buy these albums. Artists only get paid $0.006 and $0.0084 by Spotify per stream. Many of these artists, particularly Trinity Grace Church, are not household names. If you’re able, please purchase these songs if you enjoy them. That being said here’s the playlist:

Thank You. Sharyn Morrow. Some Rights Reserved. https://www.flickr.com/photos/sharynmorrow/14983289/in/photolist-2jN1z-8ZBkc2-5V72vD-8M1TEk-sVMzwK-8JWjHV-dRAL7v-93GtUH-5Cr5Yd-byYuup-i6Ukv8-gKgVve-gKgRJ5-9EvgdV-aH8TQD-9Wr8uS-54TQd7-8h7m69-5Z5EHY-5rTnbm-6HkqvW-czdLR3-5rTsJC-2WUvf-bpJHfA-fBVv5-eFLzWN-61CRG3-4WUdzT-dGP847-nSmcaE-6VV1iA-9ph7gc-pYAY45-bp9CSE-47aGQy-sSGw6-77NDGZ-iKR7M8-qhtJcK-vpk73-4D8TP6-z73rA-tbZZ2z-aYUVjv-dA62ew-9y9aaa-prDyiT-q6MWgu-pSZmmK
Thank You. Sharyn Morrow. Some Rights Reserved. 

Normally I’d like to use this time to talk about the heady theological truths behind what we sang, or what was preached. Or, I like to use this space to examine some devotional question that inspired our singing. But, today I’d actually like to review what happened yesterday.

Set up went swimmingly, though I had some technological embarrassments I don’t need to broadcast. First service went smoothly… and then, midway through prayer partners I looked up from the keyboard and I saw the balloons.

I want to say thank you for the kindness you guys showed myself, Alyssa, and the other pastors and their wives. We went out to lunch after church but before going in we read the cards because I was too excited to wait. Both Alyssa and I were in tears. Your kindness was overwhelming.

It is my pleasure to get to work along such a talented staff, to follow Ryan’s leadership, and to serve, pour our sweat and tears, for Christ’s kingdom with the people of New Song Inland Hills. Week in and week out it is my pleasure to plan, prepare, and play music with incredible musicians and vocalists; it is my pleasure to set up the gear that allows people to hear the proclamation of the Gospel; it is my pleasure to pray alongside such powerful prayer warriors; and it is my pleasure to pursue the redemption of our community with each and every volunteer who gives of their time and energy to our church.

Thank you for making mine, Ryan’s, Keith’s, OJ’s, and the other pastors of New Song’s work a joy.

But that’s not all I’m grateful for! I don’t know if you saw on Facebook yesterday but at the beginning of the year Pastor Hal (and the campus pastors) prayed that we’d see over 2000 in attendance this year at New Song. This weekend Inland Hills, Parkside, and Central Campus’ Saturday evening service launched Kids Unleashed! I haven’t seen the full numbers yet but I can say that Inland Hills had over 300 people on our campus throughout the whole morning!

It was incredible to see so many families walking around the campus as we worshipped, meeting parents and getting to chat. As Kids Unleashed keeps blessing the community continue praying that these families will get to hear the good news that Jesus saves.

Thank you for loving me and my family well, thank you for serving our church, thank you for serving the community. God is on the move and doing incredible things in our midst.


Worship Review 10.4.15 – Thank You!

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