Three Poems Walking Around Town

At The Park

The ice cream truck circles the block singing
The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round
and round as Atticus slides down and down and
a ball crashes against the fence, Hey Vato!
a boy shouts while a mom whistles
The Impossible Dream, two six-year-olds play Starbucks:
iced grande white mocha with a perfection few master
a childless busker in a White Sox hat
sings Carlos Santana’s Smooth and Atticus
moves blue from red tiles on a playground abacus
two by two by three by three

may07 006. April 28, 2007. Mike Wright. Some Rights Reserved.

Tortilla Breeze

I am the King of the crack that broke
your mother’s back and this the third time
I’ve walked this track:
…..Once, carrying the boy
who didn’t sleep last night
though my thumb
on his lower left rib
shhh-ed him deep
his dark eyes spied me
tip-toe, tip-toeing to
bed, or, at least I tried
until he threw his juice
to the floor, wailed, and woke
the neighbors downstairs.
…..Once, to work to work to work
it’s off to work I go
digging diamonds of a sort –
calls, reports, filing
paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.
Like Bloody Mary or Beetlejuice,
“Work. Work. Work.”
and in the mirror
a ghost steals you.
…..Once, back home
the tortilla breeze all
I could breathe wandering
lost in the thought
of this poem.

Mission San Jose 1720.jpg
Mission San Jose 1720. March 30, 2009. Texasbubba. Some Rights Reserved.

A Poem

walking the hill
to a nursery where
ancient mission doors set
back behind violet bushes burning
and never burning, existing
but not consumed
by means of being overheard
words of peace: Rest,
and catch your breath

Three Poems Walking Around Town